Working Your Transverse Abdominal Muscles in 3 Effective Ways

transverse.jpg When you start to develop an abdominal workout program, you’ll be faced with plenty of information about getting the perfect stomach. However, one of the most forgotten muscle groups is the transverse abdominal muscles located just below the rectus abdominis, which are just as important in getting that picture perfect abs. Unfortunately, regardless of how many abdominal crunches you do weekly, these exercises do nothing for your transverse abdominal muscles. If you wish to have a flat stomach, you should incorporate the exercises listed below so that your transverse abdominal muscles are also targeted.

1) Pelvic tilts – Start by lying on the floor using a towel to act as cushion for your spine. Bend your knees you’re your feet flat on the surface. Raise your pelvis and hold for a few seconds. Lower you back down and repeat the procedures, making sure your upper body is one the floor at all times. Make sure you maintain control over your movements throughout the exercise to trigger the transverse ab muscles effectively.

2) Scissor kicks – Lie on the floor with your back pressed and place your hands under your butt. Raise one leg slowly about 10 inches to the floor and bring it down back to the floor slowly. As you lower one leg down, you can start raising the other leg. Repeat the set several times. Just as with pelvic tilts, you should control your movements and keep your upper body pressed to the floor at all times.

3) Crunchless Crunch – You start by lying on your stomach or kneeling down. You should then relax your body and use your lower abs to move your belly button to the spine. Hold for at least ten seconds and let the contraction out. This move is simple, but can work wonders for your transverse abdominal muscles.

If you feel uncomfortable with any of these exercises, consult with a professional so you can avoid possible injuries.

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