What Foods to Eat for a Flatter Stomach?

The quality of the food you eat plays a critical role in the way you look, and the amount of fat you have in your body. Eating the right way, even without exercise can do a lot to help you get a flatter stomach.

Among the three types of foods (carbs, fat, protein), proteins are the ones that will help you burn fat. Examples of protein are fish, chicken, tuna or egg whites. However you should also cut on some foods that contribute to weight gain: saturated fats, unrefined carbs and sodium.

There are many sites online where you will find a complete guide on these types of food. Of course the perfect goal would be to achieve a balance between the three types, because we need all to some extent. Don’t forget to drink water (at least 8 glasses a day). Water prevents bloating and helps losing weight.

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