Losing Love Handles The Easy Way

Losing love handles can be very easy if you have the right knowledge and mindset.  To start, know this: there’s nothing as “spot toning”, you can’t reduce fat on just one part of your body.  Sure, fat may get stored on the sides of the stomach but in order to get rid of it you need to lower your whole body fat levels. So, to start losing love handles, you’ll need to integrate a workout designed to burn fat.

This workout  for losing love handles must include first cardio training.  The best type of cardio training is the one that uses intervals.  Using intervals means performing the activity (running, swimming, jumping, etc.) with high intensity for some time, and then performing it at moderate levels, repeating this over and over.  These intervals will help you get rid of fat very fast as they boost your metabolism to the fat, letting you burn fat even hours after you have finished your workout.

Then you need to adjust your diet to a healthy plan.  Get rid of sugar, processed foods, and most drinks besides green tea and water.  Water is essential to burn fat.  If you want to get a full book on tips to lose fat without exercising, I recommend you “Top Secret fat Loss Secret”., this is a great book, very hated the pharmacy and food industry by the way.

Finally, you’ll need to perform stomach exercises that will tighten the obliques (the muscles on the side of your stomach).  There are numerous exercises plans for losing love handles on “the Truth About Six Pack Abs”, but if you want to get started easily, I’d suggest you working on some “inner muscle exercises”, preferably from Pilates.

As you losing love handles includes three components.  But the most important component is the hidden one: you!  Yes, losing fat can very simple if you just follow a plan with determination and taking inspired action.

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