Fat Burning Breakfast Ideas

fat burning breakfast Every morning you face the same challenge. You get up, look in the mirror, strike a few poses, shower then head to the kitchen to see what’s for breakfast. When you get up in the morning your body is burning fat, and it will continue to do so until you stop that natural process by eating something that is too high in carbohydrates and calories.

Fat burning meals are ideal whenever a person desires to lose excess stomach fat. Diet is just as important as exercise when it comes to reducing weight in the midsection. Once you are toned and become very active, your carbohydrates can be gradually increased as your needs demand, but carbohydrates must always be controlled to stay lean.

So what should you have for breakfast that will force your body to burn fat? Below are three sample menus, all of which will keep you in the fat burning zone.

Meal Idea #1

6 egg whites, 2 egg yolks (cooked as you desire)
1 apple
1 oz. whey protein mixed in 6 oz. pure water

Meal Idea #2

In a Blender Placeā€¦
8 oz. pure water
2 oz. whey protein
8 ripe strawberries (frozen OK)
12 drops liquid stevia (offers a sweet taste)
1 tbs. flax seed oil
Blend together until creamy smooth

Meal Idea #3

5 oz. lean ground sirloin patty (boiled or grilled)
3 egg whites, one yolk (scrambled)
1 Navel orange
1 kiwi fruit

All three of the above meal ideas will keep your body burning fat because they are relatively low in calories and low in carbs, keeping insulin in check so your body can select fat as its primary energy source (insulin stops your body from burning fat and carbohydrate stimulates its release). Each of these meals is good for about 3 hours, then it will be time to refuel with another small fat burning meal that limits carbs and calories, yet is rich in first class protein.

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