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Detox Your Body

Detoxification is the process of cleansing the body of harmful substances, and thereby restoring the body’s natural healing ability.

This process is accomplished mainly through the use of herbs, foods, juices, aromatherapy, exercise, deep breathing techniques, and other therapies.

Detoxification gives your body a short break from dietary and lifestyle habits that may be wreaking havoc on your health. During this time, you internally cleanse your body of waste products that clog its normal metabolic processes. Even people with minor problems or no visible symptoms often have toxic buildup.

Detoxification is comparable to cleaning your home. Imagine what your bathtub or shower would look like if you did not clean it regularly over twenty, forty, or even eighty years. Yet most people will allow similar conditions to fester in their bodies, without any form of internal cleansing.

Your body has its own ways of dealing with some toxins, but it can be overburdened by the volume and type of toxins found in our modern world. To effectively cleanse your body you must eliminate toxins from your respiratory system, liver, gallbladder, kidneys and urinary tract, skin, fatty deposits (including cellulite), lymphatic system and other detoxification organs and systems.

To minimize further toxic buildup you must reduce your exposure to additional toxins. Doing a Juice Diet Detox consisting of strictly fruit and vegetable juice at least a few times per year will help to eliminate toxins from your cells, tissues, organs, and organ systems.

The results will astound you. You will experience energy you never thought possible and pain-free movement in areas of your body you thought were permanently scarred by pain.

You will experience freedom from emotional upheavals, mood swings, and depression. Cravings for less than healthy foods will disappear. Your skin will improve and fine wrinkles may recede.

Your breathing and digestion will improve, and cellulite will diminish and, over time, may completely disappear.

Choosing the Best Weight Loss Plan

In a recent report, the Federal Trade Commission warned consumers that many weight loss ads are false and misleading, containing claims not supported by medical evidence. In fact, the report noted that claims for fast and effortless weight loss could harm consumers by steering them away from safe and reliable, although slower, methods of controlling their weight.

For years, marketers have gotten away with claims that were unfounded and unsafe. Millions of people have been victimized. It’s time to give people credible information and products and lead them on a safe path to healthy weight loss.

No reasonable consumer would buy a car, or even a stereo, without comparing the merits of those available. They should be even more careful with the health of their families and themselves. Flach suggests looking for these features in choosing a weight-loss program.

1. Reasonable goals

The program should offer no more than two pounds of weight loss per week. Any claims that a plan’s users lost “18 pounds in one week!” represent results that are unusual and unhealthy.

2. Healthy food choices

Neither pills nor supplements will allow you to “eat as much as you like and lose weight!” Only by controlling caloric intake can you control weight. The plan should provide guidance in choosing the right foods in reasonable portions to achieve a healthy weight loss while maintaining energy and meeting nutritional needs. Natural Medicine Talk is a health forum which discusses natural ways of losing weight and treatment for other health illnesses.

3. Exercise component

To lose weight you must burn more calories than you take in. Regular daily exercise is necessary not only to control weight, but to help prevent heart disease, osteoporosis, and a host of other illnesses.

4. Credible sources for claims

Any endorsements should be from recognizable organizations such as major universities or the federal government. Beware of vague claims of “major national studies” or references to independent institutes that can’t be verified. Use the library or the Internet to research institutions and studies.

5. Lifestyle changes for long-term results

Supplements and pills have not been shown to provide life-long results. Only permanent changes in diet and activity level can help a person control their weight for life.