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Getting 6 Pack Abs for Girls

When we think about what makes girls sexy, we almost tend to think about “obvious parts” of the body, however I find very attractive a nice tight stomach. 6 pack abs for girls are simple to get (if you follow along the right steps) and for girls applies the same principle: lowering your body fat.

The big misconception in the world of six pack abs for girls, is that you have to live at the gym doing hundreds of repetitions to show your abs. That is not the case, you can have the best developed muscles but if you fail at burning the excess fat on top of them, you will never see them. So, as you may be thinking, cardio and dieting both play a major role, even more important than the role of the popular crunches!

Lowering your body fat means changing your lifestyle, and the best thing is that you will change it for the better! Here’s a quick action plan that gave great results to my wife: Continue reading →

Too Lazy To Exercise? Start Slow!

One of the biggest mistakes people do when starting an exercise regime, is trying to integrate too much exercises from the beginning. This won’t only leave you excessively tired the days after – it will also sabotage your upcoming efforts to get the six pack you want.

There’s a simple solution, and one that makes a lot of sense: start slow. For instance, when I started my own regime I could have done like many times before (times when I failed by the way) : running around a big set of building near my house. But instead I decided that a progressive approach would work better in the long run – so I started walking to a store to buy the breakfast (about 10 blocks from home). This worked great for me and allowed me to later integrate new difficulty as my body got fitter.

In your case, you can start with whatever feels comfortable for you. Just get your engines started! Who says that you must lose 10 kilograms in one week?

The trouble comes every time we get desperate to lose weight fast, like for example a beach party or a wedding. In those cases you better have some serious discipline towards exhausting workouts or you’ll see no results at all! But again, I think it is wrong to go through life this way. Stay fit, walk towards your goal, even small steps are important. You can even start by running to your apartment’s floor instead of taking the elevator. The main point is to act now and don’t take the “sit on the couch, watch TV” route. You can do it!